Corporate Responsibility

  • Sustainability
    The World Tourism Organization defines “Sustainability” as the one whose results aim to improve the quality of life of the visited community, offering the visitor (tourist) a unique travel experience of excellence, without ever jeopardizing the preservation of the quality of the environment. Natural resources, cultural heritage and other structures and facilities for tourism are incorporated into the product as attributes that present themselves to the tourist. For this reason, they should be promoted to tourists and visitors through the natural and cultural patrimony market of the community, so that these services are preserved and valued.
    To achieve sustainable development, TREK PORTUGAL is guided by a management model of Corporate Social Responsibility, so that future generations can enjoy their full right to enjoy all the heritage.


  • The Company
    TREK PORTUGAL is a tour operator that offers “thematic tours” that go beyond knowing, discovering and exploring a region.
    We believe that the rich roots of the local culture, the ancient traditions of its people, gastronomy, nature and monuments, will stimulate the senses through flavors, smells and images – unique sensations that will surely transform your travel experience in unforgettable moments.


  • Responsible Tourism
    TREK PORTUGAL seeks to make a difference towards a social economy based on common benefit and cooperation. We give priority to working within a network and towards cooperation between local partners, always bearing in mind respect for local culture and the natural environment. We want to have a positive impact on the area and in the local communities where we work. We therefore seek to raise awareness within our team, our partners and our clients concerning the importance of preserving the natural and cultural wealth present.
    In the design and construction of our tours and experiences, we always seek to foment the economy of local communities. We carefully select our partners, always having as priority the local producers, who are in accordance with our philosophy of responsible tourism and that somehow include/participate in projects or activities which contribute to the sustainability of resources. We try to inform the clients about their local customs and traditions.


  • Social responsibility
    The contact and coexistence with local communities provide the key to the authenticity of our tours, whilst at the same time we provide an opportunity for social, cultural and economic revitalization. Always with the objective of providing positive experiences for the traveler and community. For each of our tours, TREK PORTUGAL donates 1 euro to various associations/organizations that promote interventions, projects and initiatives aimed at the conservation of natural and cultural sites.


  • Environmental Responsibility
    As we develop many of our activities in environmentally sensitive areas and areas of high and important levels of biodiversity, such as the Peneda-Gerês National Park, our policy of environmental responsibility assumes a prominent role. In this respect TREK PORTUGAL is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment through the application of a series of principles and practices that promote the preservation species of fauna and flora. This is exemplified by the case of our manual of good practices to be followed whilst visiting natural areas which is used to heighten awareness and provide information for our clients.
    Allied to the philosophy of Baden-Powell, (founder of the scout movement), ” Leave this world a little better than you found it”, which we intend to transpose to the places we visit, TREK PORTUGAL, will develop or participate in campaigns of plantation or reforestation of native trees, in partnership with other associations, suppliers, partners and customers, contributing to the biodiversity, combating climate change and increasing forest area for the future.
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