The hiking allows us a deeper contact with the history and biodiversity that makes the Gerês National Park, one of the most interesting tourist spots in Portugal.


The best extreme outdoor adventures in
Gerês National Park

Kayak in Gerês

A refreshing and different view to the beauty of Gerês.


mix of adventure and exploration
in a totally healthy way for nature

Hiking & Trekking

discover the unique Nature, History and
Culture of the World Biosphere Reserve


Guimarães has one of the best preserved medieval centers of Portugal, where time seems to have really given way and magically stopped.


Braga is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Portugal, being also one of the oldest cities in the world with one of the most important religious centers of the Country.

Douro Valley

Visit the most famous Wine Estates
and taste its delicious Port Wines.

Hiking & Trekking

explore & adventure at the national park


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