• How can I pay for my reservation?
    TREK PORTUGAL offers you the following means of payment: Paypal, credit card, bank transfer or number. All our transactions are secure and your data is protected.
    All prices include VAT.


  • When will I be charged?
    Payment by credit card when authorized or by Paypal, is made immediately. Later you will receive an email confirming the success of your order.
    If the card is declined, you will be immediately informed by the system when you are completing the order. Do not despair, it is possible that you have been mistaken in filling some caratere, so we advise you to try again.
    By bank transfer, depending on the bank and country, it may take a few days, so you can check with your bank the best option. If you choose this form of payment, you must send the proof of transfer to our email


  • Is it safe to buy online?
    TREK PORTUGAL uses one of the most secure online shopping systems, and is constantly improving its software in order to offer the greatest possible security to its customers.
    We have an important responsibility and commitment regarding the security of our website and the protection of the data of our customers and visitors.


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