Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Identification
1.1. TREK PORTUGAL – Comércio e Serviços Unipessoal Lda, headquartered at Travessa da Chã 6, 4805-025 Brito, Guimarães, Portugal, VAT no. 514540443, hereinafter referred as TREK PORTUGAL, is responsible for the programs contained in this website. In order to carry out the services, it may use the services of partner companies duly qualified for this purpose and hereinafter referred to as Suppliers.
1.2. TREK PORTUGAL, is registered ate Turismo de Portugal / as a Tourist Operator with license nº1529 / 2017, and is insured in accordance with the European Legislation and Tourism of Portugal, provided by the Mutual Insurance Company Pescadores, with Policy No. 85/23598 (Civil Liability + Personal Accidents) with liabilities arising from the risks of its activity and other legislation in force.

2. Effects
2.1. The information contained in this website is binding on TREK PORTUGAL and its suppliers, except when changes in reservations have been pre agreed with the client before the contracted services start;
2.2. The Technical and Logistics organization of the website is carried out by TREK PORTUGAL employees.
2.3. Any of the tours / activities / experiences can be performed through any of Trek Portugal’s partner companies.

3. Prices
3.1. The prices mentioned on the website are expressed in Euros (€), are duly discriminated in each service, can be by person or by groups of persons, unless there is prior agreement between the parties to practice a single price and total per package of services.
3.1.1. Children up to 10 years of age are exempt from paying the value of the service up to a maximum of 1 child per 2 adults. A 2nd child or more will cost 50% of the value of an adult.
It is considered as adult, children from 10 years of age.
3.1.2. TREK PORTUGAL offers children’s seats of groups 1, 2 or 3.
3.2 The price shown on this website is individual or by group of people and includes transportation in vehicles from 2 to 9 places, respecting the itinerary in the detail of each service. Depending on the contracted service, the price may include: the service of pick up and drop off in the combined place, tour/program/service, 1 meal / person , tolls, parking, guide, insurance, taxes and charges. The Prices always excludes personal expenses, gratuities and others not mentioned in this point. In each service/program by TREK PORTUGAL, it is mentioned what is included and / or excluded in it.

4. Use of Customer Information
The client gives express consent to all information, including personal data, provided in relation to the contracted service, can be transmitted to the authorities when requested and to transmit this same information to our local partners in order to organize the program, including tastes, food preferences and particular health information (intolerances, allergies, etc.).

5. Reservations
5.1. Reservations must be made:
.       a) On the website of TREK PORTUGAL (www.trekportugal.pt).
.       b) The minimum number of people to book a tour is 2 and a maximum of 6 people.
.       c) If it is less than 1 or more than 6, contact TREK PORTUGAL.
5.2. The clients must provide TREK PORTUGAL with the following elements:
.       a) Full name of all tour participants and their dates of birth.
.       b) Name of the Program, Tour or Experience;
.       c) Date (s) of service/program;
.       d) Pick up location (hotel, other accommodation or other previously agreed place);
.       e) Telephone contact or best way to be contacted;
.        f) Any and all information requested by TREK PORTUGAL, necessary for the successful completion of the requested service.
5.3. Wrong provided information to TREK PORTUGAL by the client may result in the total loss of the amounts paid, in particular amounts delivered as a reserve sign, and therefore TREK PORTUGAL shall not be liable for any type of compensatory payment or compensation to the client .
5.4. Any modification of an already confirmed reservation (eg selected Tour, number of passengers and dates) may result in a variation of the initial price, which will be fully supported by the client. TREK PORTUGAL reserves the right not to provide the additional service, and there is no right to refund from the client. For any changes or clarifications, please contact TREK PORTUGAL by e-mail: info@trekportugal.pt
5.5. The reservations made, will only be considered valid after the collection of all relevant information (Name, dates of birth and pick up location) with their payment; afterwards TREK PORTUGAL will send you a confirmation email with all the Tour information.

6. Availability
Trek PORTUGAL operates throughout the year except on January 1st, 24th, 25th and 31st of December and we do not operate overnight.

7. Reservations and Payments
7.1. When booking a tour, a partial or full payment of the reservation may be required. By decision of Trek Portugal the payment may also be made in full on the day of the tour / activity / service, being the customer committed to the cancellation conditions by the customer. In case of partial payment the remainder must be paid to the guide at the beginning of the tour.
7.2. Payment options:
7.2.1. Credit card
7.2.2. Paypal or bank transfer – reservation (proof of payment must be sent by email).
7.2.3. Cash – at the beginning of the tour.

8. Cancellations and refunds
8.1. Refunds, changes of contract and withdrawal of the client. For services reserved online, via webiste www.trekportugal.pt, e-mail or other contact via digital/electronic/computer, the client may at any time desist from the requested and/or contracted services, being reimbursed the amount paid so far, in accordance with the following conditions:
.       a) Up to 48 hours before the start of the service: 100% refund *
.       b) Up to 24 hours before: 50% refund *
.       c) Less than 24 hours before: no refund
.           * Bank transfer fees may be applied to the amount to be refunded.
8.2. If a tour is reserved by an free retailer operator, and it is not possible to do so (overbooking, not comply with the min./max established persons, incapacity of company employees and/or vehicles), TREK PORTUGAL will always present an alternative. If the client does not want or can not take another tour and/or another date, the customer will be 100% refunded.

8.3. There is a full refund in case of mechanical failure of the vehicle that prevents the start or continuity of the tour as agreed.
8.4. There is no refund due to problems with our imaging equipment (photos and / or videos).
8.5. After the tour is started, no refund for any not used service by the customer, is due.

9. Obligations / Restrictions of the Client
9.1. We wait 10 minutes at the pick up location; if you are late or lost, contact TREK PORTUGAL. Make sure you give us the right number in case we need to call you. By failure to appear, will result in the loss of any amount paid without reimbursement or rebooking.
9.2. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed inside the vehicles. There will be several stops for hikes and meals, which will give participants the opportunity to smoke and drink (moderately) while they are out of the vehicles.
9.3. TREK PORTUGAL can not be held responsible for accidents resulting from the participants’ inattention or from disregard of rules and laws in general or from the guides’ instructions.
9.4. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is in good health (physical and mental health, etc.) to perform the contracted activities.
9.5. In case of doubt, please contact us. TREK PORTUGAL will do the possible to ensure that any client with some type of physical limitation can enjoy the best possible form of our activities. We request that such restrictions must be mentioned or clarified before making the reservation, so that it is possible to take necessary measures to meet the needs of these clients.
9.6. There are some restrictions on specific activities, such as the canyoning ride:
.      • The minimum age allowed: under 18 years, only with permission of the parents / guardians (responsibility of the client);
.       • Maximum age allowed: not applicable
.       • Minimum height and weight: 30 kg | 135 cm
.       • Maximum weight and height: 115 kg | 210 cm
9.7. The client shall communicate and / or claim any non-compliance that may occur during the contracted service within a maximum period of 30 days.

10. Obligations TREK PORTUGAL
10.1. In case of failure to carry out fully or partially the contracted services, for reasons beyond the control, TREK PORTUGAL will endeavor to carry out these services in whole or in part, and can not be held liable for adverse climatic conditions, natural disasters, roadblocks, road accidents, general strikes, among others reasons not attributable to the operator.
10.1.1. In case of impossibility to being able to make the tour, for other reasons, you always have the possibility of changing the date by the availability of TREK PORTUGAL; if it is not possible to schedule a new date, TREK PORTUGAL shall return the following amounts to the client:
.       a) Tour not yet started – Refund 100%
.       b) Tour to be completed / interrupted – the total amount paid by the customer will be deducted the proven expenses made by TREK PORTUGAL with the preparation and execution of
.           the tour until the moment of the interruption and respective car trip until the drop off location.
10.1.2. If the customer incurs other expenses or losses, related to the cancellation / interruption of a tour, due to adverse climatic conditions or unforeseen circumstances not attributable to TREK PORTUGAL, TREK PORTUGAL can not be held responsible for this.

11. Personal belongings and baggage
11.1. All baggage will be transported at the risk of the client, without TREK PORTUGAL and / or its suppliers being liable for any loss, theft, loss or damage that they may suffer during the journey, for any reason. It is advisable for clients to be present in all handling of loading and unloading of luggage.

12. Image rights
12.1. TREK PORTUGAL reserves the right to make images and video coverage (with sound) of the clients during these activities. Therefore, in case of not writen communicating by the client, mentioning the contrary before the tour begins, the participants in the activities give all rights and authorize the use of photos and videos recorded during the tour, which may be made available on websites, social networks or other digital platforms, to be used only for commercial and advertising purposes of the company.
12.2. TREK PORTUGAL will provide the client, free of charge, with the photographic and / or video record of the tour, in digital format. TREK PORTUGAL can not be held responsible for the quality or any problem / accident that may occur with the photographic or video equipment and that could destroy or ruin those photos and videos.

13. Responsible Tourism
We encourage responsible tourism: keep the places we visit clean, collect all the garbage produced during the tours and respect local people and their routines.

14. Compensation
14.1. The client is obligated to indemnify TREK PORTUGAL or its suppliers for all damages arising from breach of the obligations set forth in these general conditions, including, in particular, attorneys’ fees and legal costs.
14.2. For any emerging litigation, the Guimarães District Court is competent, with the express exclusion of any other.

15. Doubts and clarifications
www.trekportugal.pt is a fully online reservation service and therefore does not offer the same services over the phone. However, we provide service via email to info@trekportugal.pt to the customer 24/7 to solve reservations doubts. Our goal is to answer all questions received within 12 to 24 hours. On some occasions, the response can take up to 48 hours. However, if you do not receive a contact from TREK PORTUGAL within 48 hours, please resubmit the request. Please note that the types of communication with www.trekportugal.pt are in Portuguese or in English after purchase. We will provide translation if requested. However, the communication may take longer than in the indicated languages.
By purchasing one of the services provided by TREK PORTUGAL, the customer acknowledges and accepts all the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Conditions of use of the website www.trekportugal.pt

1. Terms of application
1.1 These conditions rules the relationship between the visitor and TREK PORTUGAL in relation to the use of this Website.
1.2 By accessing any part of the Website the Visitor tacitly accepts these terms. TREK PORTUGAL reserves the right to change these terms at any time without notice. The Visitor must review these conditions each time he or she accesses the Website.

2. Use of the Website
2.1 The Visitor may download, view or print parts of the Website for personal, non-commercial use.
2.2 The use of this Website for any purpose that is unlawful, abusive, defamatory or threatening to transmit any virus or other computer code, files or programs designed to intentionally interrupt, destroy or damage hardware or software or interfere with normal operation of the Website.

3. Personal Information
3.1 The collection of user identification data may be done via Internet (on the website itself) or telephone (through Customer Support). All data collection will operate according to the strictest security rules.
3.2 The non-voluntary registration of Visitors is restricted to customers, partners of TREK PORTUGAL or other entities directly or indirectly related to it, being informed therefor. This registration serves to guarantee privileged access to protected areas of the Website.
3.3 The data collected on the Website will be processed automatically, under the terms approved by the National Data Protection Commission, by TREK PORTUGAL, entity responsible for the corresponding file. The database is intended for the management of TREK PORTUGAL clients and services as well as Marketing actions for new services.
3.4 According to Law no. 67/98, of October 26, customers are guaranteed access to their data and may request in writing from TREK PORTUGAL its updating, correction or elimination.
3.5 No entity external to TREK PORTUGAL has access to or can consult the Database.
3.6 All employees of the entity responsible for the processing of personal data are committed by the duty of confidentiality in relation to the data that they have access and are duly informed of the importance of complying with this legal obligation and the corresponding responsibility is required.
3.7 The use of cookies is solely used to guarantee the authentication of its user.

3.8 The Website does not use clickstreams. The paths followed by the users are only recorded in the server logs, anonymously, and generated statistics can not be associated with a specific Visitor.
3.9 TREK PORTUGAL uses security measures to protect the loss, misuse or display information about our control.

4. Intellectual Property
4.1 The Visitor acknowledges and accepts all intellectual rights to the Website, including texts, graphics, images, sounds and any other information.
4.2 The copyright protection of the contents of the Website is a complete translation of all reproductions or copies obtained from the content of this site.
4.3 TREK PORTUGAL grants the Visitor a non-exclusive, non-transferable  access the site and use it in accordance with the conditions.
4.4 It is prohibited to publish, reproduce, spread, distribute or otherwise make the content accessible to third parties for the purposes of public communication or marketing, namely by making it available on another website, online service, bulletin or message board (for consultation) or on paper copies, and it is still prohibited to carry out any transformation of the contents.

5. Renounce and Exclusion of Liability
5.1 TREK PORTUGAL has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the website information is accurate, complete and up-to-date and that the website functions correctly. However, no warranty (expressed or implied) is made in this regard, nor that the Website is compatible with your hardware, software and free from errors, viruses, other harmful elements, that is kept accessible without interruption or that the information constant in it well adapted to your needs.
5.2 The Visitor is solely responsible for the direct or indirect damages caused by itself to TREK PORTUGAL or to third parties, related to a use that makes of the site, committing itself to make damages, by virtue of any action , claim or condemnation to which it gives rise.

5.3 The Visitor agrees to cooperate with TREK PORTUGAL and to comply with these instructions to limit or minimize any liability of TREK PORTUGAL.

6. Jurisdiction
The parties agree to these conditions, being applied legislation of the Portuguese Law.

7. Acceptance
7.1 The user, by continuing to use this Website, expressly accepts the terms and conditions described above.
7.2 For any emerging litigation, the Guimarães District Court is competent, with the express exclusion of any other.

8. Complaint
If you have a complaint or question regarding the site or these conditions, please contact  TREK PORTUGAL.
email: info@trekportugal.pt
telephone: +351 934 337 662

Update: 04/2018

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